The most relevant protective (PROTECTION) sprayable water-based coating (free of PVC and VOC´s) are enable to offer a wide range of solutions based on time-saving, understand customer needs and extend the service life of end users.

Where are we experts?

  • UBC (underbody coating)
  • Wheel arch
  • Engine compartment
  • Rear bulkhead
  • Interior trim
  • Luggage and rear doors

Water-based coatings help to protect body components and parts against external agents (corrosion, stone chipping) to damage and extend equipment’s life.


MEXACOVER has developed new water based coating with excellent protective properties against extreme climates and inclement weather: frost, droughts and excessive salinity.

Reduce the body borne noise is essential to achieve a high level of acoustic comfort. Sprayable high performance damping products are applied to avoid vibration of the metal sheets or other components.

MEXACOVER materials are fully adapted to customer’s needs in terms of coating and damping characteristics, thickness and application areas in vehicles, guarantee excellent efficiency and profitability of client's production cost, processes and maintenance operations.