Assembly Parts

Delivering tailor-made or all-in-one solutions (combination between materials and components) benefits customers simplifing their businesses and is the key to achieve the levels of comfort and protection that demands the end users and operators.

The entire process is made in-house: product designing, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing. The ranges of materials that are capable to work are: wood, metal, stainsteel, composite, polyester, glue,...

MEXACOVER has a team of qualified professionals and a network of highly specialised suppliers that guarantees the success with all market players (small, medium and big companies) in the commercial vehicles industry.


MEXACOVER works together with customers developing new solutions, ready-to-assemble (turnkey projects, tailor-made parts) for incorporation onto production lines reducing time, cost, maintenance operations and increasing productivity by understanding customer needs.


Designs are created by highly-qualified team using the latest technology 3D programs.

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