New dealer for the Turkish market

MEXACOVER has reached an agreement for the distribution of isolation and industrial coating solutions against noise, heat, cold, vibration and corrosion for the markets of buses, coaches, ambulances, trucks (fire, rescue, defence, specials), trains, tramways and marine transport, where the Spanish company is leader in the improvement of comfort levels for passangers and users.

Our new dealers, IŞIKLAR OTOMOTİV GIDA İNŞ. TEKS. SAN. TIC. LTD,  and the negotiation team of MEXACOVER closed the deal the last September 23rd 2016 in the town of Bursa (Turquía), where the Turkish company has a working team and MEXACOVER has been having clients for the last 10 years.

The new distributor has highly evaluated the quality of the solutions designed and manufactured by MEXACOVER; as well as its broad knowledge in their clients processes and the experience abroad.


Welcome! We wish you much success in this new stage!!

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