Agreements for university-business practices

MEXACOVER has signed agreements for university-business practices with the Universitat de Girona, Lycee General et Technologique Auguste Angellier (Francia), FP Centro Formativo (Blanes) to bring students to the industrial company.

This agreement allows students to participate in a particular project and is mutually beneficial for the student and MEXACOVER , expanding their knowledge in a practical environment and fully developing their skills and competencies as professionals.

MEXACOVER will have internship programs in the areas comprising different departments such as production, organization , business , chemical laboratory and technical office.

Participating  in university-business practices programs, help students to be kept in mind for future deals that fit your personal and professional profile.

MEXACOVER is committed with the development of skills and competencies of young people, which are the basis for the industrial development of Spain and Europe.

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