About Us


Development, production and assembly of soundproofing and thermal insulation solutions.

MEXACOVER began operations 1994 as an evolution of MEXACO, a coating and glue manufacturing company that grew throughout the sixties. Over 21 years ago market demand for energy conservation and improved acoustic comfort generated the creation of MEXACOVER to address this requirement.

From the beginnings MEXACOVER has developed, through its in-house research and development department, unique and efficient solutions from initial prototypes through manufacturing to customer delivery.

Today MEXACOVER develops and manufactures coatings, thermal and acoustic insulation, and insulated components for industrial assembly lines in industrial and transportation markets. These can be in the form of individual components or total turnkey assemblies.

MEXACOVER is accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 which has been held since 2003.

tuv Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 (ESP, ENG)

MEXACOVER has a team of qualified professionals and a network of highly specialised suppliers that guarantees the success with all market players (small, medium and big companies) in the commercial vehicles industry.


MEXACOVER has designed, developed, manufactured and delivered solutions in 16 countries and today is a leader in the commercial vehicle, bus, rail and heavy machinery markets as well as public transport operators and the continuous pavement construction.

Quality, technical expertise, excellent service and close to customer are the best four words that define MEXACOVER.